Orania – the land of milk and honey. Or is it not?

The Bible refers to the land of Israel as the land of milk and honey. A land where God is.

I went recently to this land of milk and honey. Where goodness and kindness, compassion and friendliness flow everywhere as milk and honey. 

ORANIA. Where God is. Orania is the land of milk and honey for the Afrikaners. 

Place for God fearing people. Place for peace. Place for children running on the street. Place for youngsters walking home in the dark. Place for new families, looking to raise their children proper, safe. Place for elderly looking forward with hope.

Orania. I fell in love. The milk and honey for my soul and my existence.

A week flew by quickly, so much to see and discover. We didn’t have time to take decent pictures. We have to go back. Very soon.



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